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Tattoo Symbols

This page is a gift to you, our wonderful customers! We have purchased the right to place these symbols on our site. Many of you have trouble describing certain symbols and we hope that this helps. We will also be featuring YOUR tattoos on this page as well. If you have a tat that you are proud of, and wish to share, please email a pic to:                                    

Please let us know if you want your name withheld. It would be nice to give a nod to your tat artist if you are so inclined. Please realize that distasteful tats will not be shown. If you are a tattoo artist, and wish to exchange links with Simple Strands, please send us your info. Your site will be posted on our recommended links page. Thanks so much! 

Your Tats
Stephen Pickren (tattoo by Tommy Robinson)

Sara Tilford

Greg Munson

Stephen Pickren