Simple Strands New Age Gifts
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Important Updates


Temporary Store Hours:

Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week. 

11 am until noon for seniors, immunocompromised, pregnant. 
Noon until 5:30 for all others.

Masks required.

If sick or feverish, please do not enter.

Social distancing required.

Door locked at capacity, please knock.

No bathroom. 

Hi Friends,

Thinking about so many of you daily and feeling sad that we are not enjoying one another's company at this time. I miss our talks. You are the reason that the atmosphere of Simple Strands is so wonderful. Without you in there, it is simply a place that smells awesome, has many amazing things.

In order to protect those of us who are immunocompromised and/or elderly, pregnant, the first hour daily will be for those who need to be protected. It is very important that everyone respect their comfort.

Here are some of the precautions taken. I have ordered a sneeze guard for the register area, baskets will be disinfected after each use. The door will be locked when the store reaches capacity and, as people leave, others may enter. You are now required to insert your own card to the credit card reader. I won't touch it.

Another important way to HELP STOP THE SPREAD is not to touch everything you see. There really is no need to touch things if you are not buying them.

I will be wearing a mask for everyone's protection. Masks are required for customers also.

Stay safe and healthy.

Blessed Be,