Simple Strands New Age Gifts
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Welcome to Simple Strands!

We are known for our large selection of metaphysical supplies, especially our crystals! A good selection of Moldavite stones and jewelry as well. Everywhere you look you will see crystals of all sizes. Also, we have over 250 different tarot and oracle decks. Our pendulum selection usually contains about 80 plus choices. Celtic, pentagram, zodiac, metaphysical, Alchemy Gothic jewelry. Pagan, Catholic, Hindu, Hebrew items are available such as cauldrons, mortars and pestles, parchments and inks, singing bowls, herbs, smudging supplies including shells, feathers, Palo Santo wood, smudge sprays, Florida Water, sweet grass.

Also, wands, incense, burners, crystal pendants and bracelets, sterling gemstone jewelry, runes, athames, books, the complete line of Sun's Eye Oils, Coventry Creations Candles, Wicked Witch Mojo Candles, Crystal Journey Candles, Anna Riva & Seven Sisters oils, Tarot decks, lots of pendulums, Pagan, Norse, Celtic, Greek/Roman statuary, dragons and fairies, gargoyles, dream catchers, dragon and fairy greeting cards, altar cloths, tapestries, Amy Brown, Lisa Parker, Anne Stokes, skulls, prayer Malas, Furry Bones, Weegyptians, pagan wall decor, leather journals, books, chalices, bath salts, soaps, ouija boards, circlets, charms, etc. 


Customers who have traveled the world have told us that we have the most interesting and exciting shop that they have ever been in! Many customers travel in from out of state just to shop here. (They tell us that our prices make it worth the trip!) 

Please come in and visit. This may sound cliche but we are the biggest little new age shop around. Unique and Diverse describes us best. You will be so happy that you came!

Every Saturday we have what we call "Socialize on Saturdays at Simple Strands" at 3:00 pm. We invite you to meet and greet like minded folks in a relaxed environment. The energy is fantastic!

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Thanks so much!

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115 Merchants Square 
Cumming, GA 30040
             Located in the Stars and Strikes Plaza

(770) 781-2283

Temporary Store Hours:

Open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week. 

11 am until noon for seniors, immunocompromised, pregnant. 

Noon until 5:30 p.m. for all others.

 Masks Required.

If sick or feverish, please do not enter.

Social distancing required.

Door will be locked at capacity. Please knock.

No bathroom. 

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